1101 NEWS on MEDICINES and HEALTH - January 2011

Meningitis Vaccine Developed for Africa at Affordable Price

A new, highly-effective vaccine launched in 2010 now offers the hope to fight one of the most fatal forms of meningitis in Africa. The important aspect is that it was not developed by one of the big pharmaceutical companies, but thanks to a partnership between the non-profit organization PATH and the Serum Institute of India which ensured it would both meet the needs of people in Africa and be affordable.


1101 Mali – Free malaria treatment for children and pregnant women

On November 29, 2010, Mali has released a ministerial decree by which the prevention and treatment of malaria in children less than five (5) years and pregnant women will be free in public hospitals, Reference and Community Health Centers. This also includes the drugs for treatment and prevention by sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine tablets as well as mosquito nets treated with insecticide.


110128 Generics Deal May Speed AIDS Drug Access in Africa

Johnson & Johnson struck the first deal to license an experimental AIDS drug before regulatory approval, reigniting debate over how much companies should do to speed access to HIV treatments in poor countries.

J&J’s Tibotec Pharmaceuticals unit has agreed to let three generic drugmakers provide copies of TMC278 in sub-Saharan Africa, India and parts of Asia if it’s approved by regulators. That could make the pill available for a hundredth of the price that customers pay in the United States and may prompt similar deals by rival drugmakers. This could indeed facilitate these products making it into the developing world at lower prices than could be offered just by the developers of the drugs themselves.


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