100625 Continent’s guns to go silent

The African Union has began a 90-day countdown to the International Peace Day, when all guns in the continent’s conflict hot-spots are expected to go silent. But, just for a day. The countdown began on Tuesday, June 22 and is special for the political bloc given its declaration of 2010 as “the year of peace and security.”

To achieve peace

At a pre-agreed time on that day, September 21, the whole continent will go quiet for one minute to reflect on peace. Mr Jean Ping, the AU Commission Chairperson said: “I urge the African civil society and private sector to join hands with the AU and its Member States to make peace happen in 2010 and beyond.” He added: “To achieve peace between nations and non-violence in our homes, communities and schools requires everyone’s involvement.”

“On 21 September, a cease-fire shall be observed in conflict zones, no physical violence will be inflicted, no rude words passed,” noted a statement on a website to spearhead the campaign. The cessation of hostilities on this day will enable people in conflict zones to receive vital food, water, mosquito nets and other emergency supplies. We will save lives, and the lessons we will draw and the activities that will flow from a single day of non-violence and action for peace will provide a very strong impetus to promote peace permanently.”



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