International Coalition for the Decade

The International Coalition for the Decade calls for the celebration of the International Day of Peace on September 21st and the International Day of Non-Violence on October 2nd 2010.

Two days to celebrate and observe peace: this was what the UN General Assembly wished for by adopting in 2001, the 21st of September as the “International Day of Peace” and in 2007 the 2nd of October as the “International Day of Non-Violence1”. These days are international days of ceasefire and non-violence, occasions to strengthen the ideals of peace and to soothe tensions and causes of conflict.

This year, these International Days of the United Nations are particularly important because 2010 is the 10th and the last year of the “International Decade for the Promotion of a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World (2001-2010)”. For this reason, the International Coalition wished to support this year an international project, related to the Decade. Our organisation is partner of the Exhibition of the century, which will be organized on the 21st September 2010, by the organisation Art Miles, in Cairo, in Egypt. A fourth pyramid will be created and covered with paintings realized by thousands of persons, come from 125 different countries, which expressed their vision of the Decade of a culture of non-violence and peace. Numerous activities, workshops and
conferences are also planned.

On this occasion, the organizations and national coalitions, members of the Coalition will be mobilized, by organizing meetings, festivals, conferences on the theme of peace and non-violence.

We invite all those who wish so, to celebrate the International Days of Peace, September 21st and Non-Violence October 2nd by bearing the symbols of peace, such as the flag and the International Day of Peace sticker2, by participating in events such as peace concerts, educational and awarenessraising events and symbolic acts or by starting local initiatives. The Coalition calls, in particular, upon all the cities of the world to get engaged in the celebration of these International Days.

The events and activities of the members of the International Coalition and various examples of actions at the international level can be consulted on our website

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September 17th , 2010

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