1311 UN Security Council gives a push to the Arms Trade Treaty

1307 The EU Arms Industry and the EU Crisis

1301 Towards better control of arms transfers

1201 Comercio de armas en la región del Cuerno de Africa (Spanish)

application/pdf 1201-comercio-armas-cuerno-africa-esp.pdf (1.7 MiB)

Comercio de armas en la región de los Grandes Lagos de Africa (Spanish)

application/pdf Grandes Lagos. Cuadernillo.pdf (1.9 MiB)

Exportación y transferencia de armas de Europa a Africa (Spanish)

application/pdf Export-transfer-armas-Europa-Africa-AEFJN-esp.pdf (385.5 KiB)

Spread of Libyan weapons in the Sahel

Natural Resources and Natural Security

The selling of arms "kill" in the Arab countries

application/msword The-selling-of-arms-kill-in-the-Arab-countries.doc (120.0 KiB)

Organizations fighting the proliferation of small arms in Africa - AEFJN leaflet

application/pdf 1101AEFJN_SALWOrganizations_Africa_eng.pdf (881.8 KiB)

AEFJN Report - Arms exports and transfers from Africa to Africa

application/pdf 1101AEFJNReportArmsAfrica_Africa_eng.pdf (141.6 KiB)

AEFJN Report - Arms Exports and Transfers: Europe to Africa, by country

application/pdf 1101 AEFJN Report export arms Europe to Africa eng.pdf (306.3 KiB)

Requirements for a strong and robust ATT at the UN

application/msword Requirements for a strong and robust ATT.doc (163.0 KiB)

Retoric or Restrain ? Trade in military equipment under the EU transfer control system

Arms Brokering : Implications and the Need for Better Controls

Africa declares war on small arms proliferation

Small arms transfer and air transportation

Central African states agree to control small arms

An increased vigilance for the control of arms must study their transport and their final use

Applying Sustainable Development to Arms-Transfer - Oxfam

Illicit brokering of weapons - Presentation by FlemishPeaceInstitute

Characteristics of Illicit Brokering Activities IntPeaceInfo-Anvers

Arms Brokering in Europe -Presentation By IntPeaceInfoAnvers

Blood at the Cross Roads - Towards the ATT -Amnesty Int.

Small Arms in Africa

The Illegal arms pipeline to Africa

Small arms in Kenya

Small arms proliferation in Southern Africa

Small armas, Intolerance and tragedy in Nigeria's Delta Region

Small Arms – The World’s favorite weapons of mass destruction

Status of national commissions on arms in ECOWAS Region

Ratification ECOWAS Convention on small arms


Recomendations for ECOWAS Parliamentarians for the control of small arms

Role of Parliamentarians in the control of small arms - Sierra Leone

International and Regional Instruments in small arms control

Small arms related violence in ECOWAS region

Towards an International Arms Trade Treaty

The lack of international legislation to control the trade in arms is fuelling violence in many countries. Governments have come to acknowledge the need for an international Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), based on fundamental principles of international law. The ATT will reduce the human cost of arms proliferation, prevent unscrupulous weapons suppliers finding the weakest point in the supply chain, and ensure that all arms exporters are working to the same standards.


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The African Synod and the control of small arms

Small arms and light weapons fuel civil wars and other conflicts, causing harm to millions of people in Africa. The African Synod welcomes the Arms Trade Treaty at the UN and asks for binding universal standards for the global commerce on arms. The bishops propose that the production of all kinds of arms be drastically reduced.

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SOUTH AFRICA - Arms export controls in meltdown

A report by South Africa's Auditor-General has revealed a serious lack of controls over exports of its vast array of conventional weapons, which a non-governmental organisation monitoring the trade attributes to government's "couldn't be bothered" attitude. "The Auditor-General demonstrates that South Africa's arms control regime is in a state of advanced crisis, with the upshot that South African arms sales may be fuelling brutal dictators and rogue regimes"

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Swedish Churches call for clearer rules to govern arms trade at the EU

EU countries sell arms to countries suffering from severe poverty and thereby directly and seriously hamper sustainable development. The churches see an ethical problem there...

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