Ecumenical Campaign for a Strong and Effective Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)

Model Letter to be sent to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in February 2013 by your congregation or church organization

  1. Open the letter and fill in all items that are requested [bracketed italics],then delete the [bracketed italics themselves]
  1. Address the letter to your Minister of Foreign Affairs or to the government official responsible for the ATT negotiations, if you have already had contact. (If you need contact info, name, address, etc, please go to:  http://www.reachingcriticalwill.org/resources/government-contacts ) and choose the name of your country. Click VIEW and you will find the address you want. 

  2. Decide whether to request a meeting (see last paragraph of letter). Preferably, plan this with a church leader or the head of church-related organization who also signs the letter.  The campaign needs every member to send the letter.  It also needs those who can to use the letter as the agenda for a meeting with a relevant official.
  3. If YES to the meeting, please contact us (Jonathan at jcf@wcc-coe.org  or Joseph at joseph@polka.co.za ) for talking points.  Where useful, we can also supply suggestions for fixing the loopholes in the draft treaty that are most relevant to the ecumenical campaign.

  4. If NO, please delete the last paragraph of the letter.

  5. Send the letter to your Minister of Foreign Affairs by mail and by fax.   (For contact info, see the link in #2, above.)

  6. Please send a copy of your letter and any replies received at jcf@wcc-coe.org.  These really help the ecumenical delegations in meetings with your government at the UN.

Thank you.

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