1412 Working Group news on Natural Ressources - December 2014

  1.        DRC: Belgian mining giant lied over bulldozing homes


On 24 and 25 November 2009 police in the Katanga province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo ordered the demolition of hundreds of homes and businesses in the village of Kawama, next to the Luiswishi mine. Following the forced evictions, Groupe Forrest International, whose subsidiary was the mine operator at the time, denied that homes and businesses of permanent residents of Kawama had been affected. This report presents new evidence exposing the scale of the demolitions and demonstrating that the company lied about the scale and impact of what happened at Kawama.


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2.      Ugandan Communities Resist Oil and Gas Extraction in Bunyoro Kingdom


Uganda’s Ministry of Minerals estimates that 3.5 billion barrels of oil and gas lie beneath Bunyoro region. The discovery of this oil field has attracted multinational corporations including Tullow, Total, and the Chinese National Offshore Oil Company. These companies have been granted access to operate oil mining activities. Exploration activities are disturbing breeding grounds. The emergence of oil mining as a real threat in Bunyoro region has elicited a strong response from a diverse and growing coalition of communities and civil society organisations.


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      3. The Adverse Human Rights Risks and Impacts of European Companies


This report presents the findings of a study undertaken by IPIS and commissioned by the European Coalition for Corporate Justice on the extent to which European companies are identified in concerns about adverse human rights risks and impacts. Gathering concerns raised regarding the human rights risks and impacts of companies listed on the UK’s FTSE 100, France’s CAC 40 and the German DAX 30, the study finds that around half of these companies have been identified in allegations or concerns regarding adverse human rights risks and impacts reported on between 2005 and early 2013. Many of these risks and impacts relate to operations outside the European Union, with the most severe often alleged to occur in countries in which rule of law and institutions are weak.


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