Raw Materials Working Group News December 2013

  1.      The Copper Storm Brewing in North-Western Zambia

In Copperbelt Province, Zambia, the action of First Quantum Minerals (FQM) mining company is affecting the live of the community. FQM has been accused of corruption, illegal exploitation, environmental pollution and non-compliance of contractual clauses for some civil society organizations. The government of Lusaka had established some conditions for the mining exploitation and the company had offered some economic compensation that has been breached. The government, investors and civil society are caught up in a series of accusations that need the action of the justice to be solved.


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       2.       Sourcing of Minerals of EU Companies and their Responsibilities

The center of Research on Multinational Corporation (SOMO) has recently published a paper regarding the behavior of 186 European companies that make use of “conflict minerals.” This research shows how unless required by law, most companies do not ensure the due diligence to obtain the materials for their products. Only 34 of the 186 companies investigated make mention of the measures they do to prevent conflicts in the mining areas. The European Commission is currently preparing a legislative initiative on responsible sourcing of mineral from conflict affected and high-risk areas.


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       3.      EITI Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative

Last April, Republic Democratic of Congo (RDC) was excluded from the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative organization (EITI). RDC had not sent any report regarding this matter about the past 3 years. The participation in this group provide information to their members to publish the incomes coming from the natural resources exploitation and warrant a better transparency on oil, gas and minerals of these countries. There are double initiatives to publish relevant information. On one hand the Extractive companies publish how much they pay and on the other hand the governments publish the revenues they receive from the Extractive Industry.


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