Raw Materials Working Group News July 2013

  1.             Uganda’s mining sector new Challenges

There are expectations about Uganda’s oil and gas sector and the wider mining industry. The mining sector faces challenges including land issues and limited infrastructure. Difficulties of access, compensations and utilization of land remain a hindrance to the development of mining. The Uganda’s government has the challenge of driving the mining sector forward with good laws or put their wealth on foreign hands without profit its people.


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     2.      EU is to limit mineral imports from the DRC


The European Union plans of setting limits on the importation of raw materials coming from DR Congo for electronics production. The EU needs conflict-free mobile handsets and wants to proceed with a new initiative against the intolerable conditions in the ore mines in the eastern Congo. Many times, there are social and labor conditions in these mines that would be not tolerated in European countries. Mines are under extremely dangerous conditions and children have to break down the mineral ores under the watchful eyes of the militias.


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     3.      Breaking the links between natural resources and conflict

A group of European and global non-governmental organizations calls on the European Commission to adopt legislation requiring European business entities to conduct supply chain due diligence in order to ensure that they do not contribute to conflict financing or human rights abuses in the production and trade in natural resources. Such legislation should, at a minimum, meet international standards endorsed by the United Nations and by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and reflect principles contained within the European Union’s own Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.


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