1610 For Binding International Treaty on Business and Human Rights

Join the movement of hundreds of groups around the world calling for a binding international treaty to address corporate human rights abuses!


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1610 Swiss Traders flood Africa toxic fuel

An investigation by Public Eye has revealed that deals in natural resources are flooding African markets with poisonous fuels because of the weakness of local standards. This attack on the health of many Africans is led by a desire to maximise profits. It is time to sound the alarm bell.   


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Viewpoint : Minerals – the Lobbies are lying

Meeting at Secretariat with the European Commission

Demand the EU for an Ambitious Legislation to eradicate Conflict Minerals

Write to European Parliamentarians and demand biding regulation to halt the trafficking of conflict minerals. Click here. Join our Twitter action.

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Conference: How to end the Conflict Minerals?

Joint Civil Society Briefing Ensuring robust EU legislation on responsible mineral sourcing

The new European Parliament has a critical opportunity to strengthen legislation proposed by the European Commission that aims to create responsible mineral supply chains for Europe. In its current form the Commission’s proposal, a voluntary scheme open to a limited number of companies, is weak and unfit for purpose. We are calling on MEPs to amend the draft legislation so that it legally requires companies to check their supply chains and identify and mitigate risk – a process known as due diligence – in line with existing international standards. Companies should also be required to report publicly on their efforts.


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Meeting between AEFJN and the Belgian Ambassador to the Great Lakes

On the 19th March, AEFJN together with the Belgian Natural Resource Network and Mgr Maroy, Archbishop of Bukavu, met Ambassador Franck De Coninckune, the Belgian Foreign Office’s special envoy to the Great Lakes.  This meeting came soon after the publication on 5th March 2014 by the EU Commission of a draft regulation on what are commonly called ‘conflict minerals’.  AEFJN expressed concern that this proposal might not provide compulsory measures for the responsible sourcing of minerals from conflict or high risk areas such as the Democratic Republic of Congo. Mgr. Maroy, a first-hand witness of the situation faced by the people affected by the ‘conflict minerals’, considers that such a measure could protect people from suffering serious human rights violations. AEFJN was represented by Jose Luis Aranda Gutierrez.

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Meeting between AEFJN and the Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium

On January 13th AEFJN met Mrs. Saskia Deblock, member of the cabinet of Mr Vande Lanotte, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of the Belgium Government. As a member of the Belgian Network on Natural Resources (RBRN), AEFJN was represented by Jose Luis Gutierrez Aranda. Ahead of the next trialogue-meeting between the European Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission, the RBRN laid out its position regarding the amendment of the Directive on Transparency on disclosure of non-financial information by certain large companies working overseas. 

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Question to the European Commission on subsidies for the Cameroonian banana sector

Screening "The Big Banana Movie"

Amendment Proposals to Bütikofer Report on EU Raw Materials Initiative

Conflict Minerals Company Rankings

ENI in Congo-Brazzaville

Letter to ENI (in Italian)

Letter of the Italian Antenna to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs