Climate Change News - July / August 2013

The Carbon Market: Speculation playground


Carbon credits have become a lucrative commodity on international markets, this is a danger for African populations planning to participate in REDD+ projects. Their forests might become the property of international speculators looking for fast profits. In the articles below, you can find examples why people should NOT invest their savings in carbon credits. The carbon market is not a solution to climate change, but a money making or creating machine for a few investors. In the first article below you can see how a financial consultancy is attracting capital by selling carbon credits while promising their customers annual profits of 30%. In the second article below, you can find how a financial consultancy is equally misleading investors by claiming to be a “leading consultancy specializing in supporting ethical and socially ­responsible projects” and applying the same sales strategy as the first one.


Source Article 1 : Redd-monitor


Source Article 2 : Redd-monitor



Impacts on local communities of forest projects and exploitation


The following example from Cameroon shows clearly what dangers “social” projects in forest areas include: loss of biodiversity, acceleration of CO2 emissions and the non-payment (or late) of compensations to the local population. The local villagers in the article have encountered difficulties with the forests loggers, despite the existence of a system of communal forest registration. The second article is a recite of the youth’s opposition to the disappearance of traditional tree species as a consequence of commercial logging.


Source Article 1 : La voix du paysan

(Only in French)

Source Article 2 : La voix du paysan

(Only in French)


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