Many leaders, NGO and people are disappointed by the failure of so many years of negotiations in Copenhaguen, but some lobbies of industry are satisfied. There is no political engagement that threats their business. It is the case of food-chain business. But this victory of their lobby is only a respite because industrial agriculture is both responsible and victim of the climate change! The global food-chain system involves transport, nitrogenous fertilizers, deforestation or land use displacement, mechanization, storage and refrigeration, all factors that emit GHG. The global Food system is responsible of 44 to 57% of GHG emission.


Agreement reached in Copenhagen is insufficient to resolve the most critical elements that will stabilize the atmosphere, protect vulnerable communities from harm, and ensure the continued sustainable development of developing countries. The small-scale farmers and indigenous peoples – as well as those, more generally, who depend on land and water resources for their livelihoods and constitute half of the world’s hungry – will suffer most.


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