Our Land - Our Business - International Campaign

tl_files/aefjn-images/im_1_Icons/OurLand-Eng.jpgAs part of an international campaign, NGOs took action on 10th October against the indicators being developed by the World Bank to classify countries, in particular the “Benchmarking Business for Agriculture”.  This system accords top scores to the best performing countries in terms of ease of doing business, including in agriculture. This sort of classification makes countries compete to be more and more favourable to foreign investment. HHHowever, measures taken to please agro-business investors are often in conflict with local concerns, especially those of family farmers. For this reason, AEFJN and its partners organised an action in Brussels to attract attention to the World Bank’s policy.  Similar activities took place in Washington, New Delhi and Dakar. See the campaign’s website here.


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