AEFJN 25th Jubilee

AEFJN is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year with various thanksgiving events. Most of our Antennae have scheduled a set of activities, round tables, cine forums and thanksgiving Masses to celebrate an experience of grace. AEFJN gives thanks for the past but wants this celebration to be a renewal of our commitment to economic justice for Africa and its people. Jesus of Nazareth emphasises the fact that salvation is for everyone –the oppressed, the captives, the poor, the weak - everybody from every nation.   


We are all in this together as part of God's plan and in solidarity with poorest in Africa.  AEFJN works with others for an African continent that is outstanding in its social dynamism, its informal economy, its culture and its vibrant resilience. Africa has the largest reserves of minerals and oil and the biggest natural reserve in the world. Above all, Africa has its people and possibilities for realising in them a future full of hope. 


However, there are still many unfair situations and social inequalities in Africa, a continent which is being punished by war and the illicit traffic of arms; where the corruption of many of their leaders allows western countries to impose their own trade rules; and where transnational companies take advantage of the richness of the continent and harvest their natural resources, with no thought for the severe consequences of climate change. However, these realities give our Network’s efforts a greater sense of meaning and more hope than ever.


AEFJN is present both in Europe, analysing the impact of EU policies on Africa, and on the African continent where it shares the life and worries of the people. As AEFJN celebrates its silver jubilee, it hopes to renew the strength of its presence in Africa with the mission to go forth and to bring hope to African people. 



José Luis Gutiérrez Aranda

AEFJN Policy Officer



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