Faith and Justice Cameroon is a Christian organization that fights the causes of injustices by doing advocacy and lobying. 

An AEFJN antenna in Africa: Cameroon Faith and Justice

The Cameroonian antenna of AEFJN, set up in 1997, was reborn in 2009.  In 2010, it was officially recognised as a Cameroonian organisation called “Faith and Justice”.  The leadership team is keen to encourage collaboration.  So that African voices are better heard both in the European institutions and locally, six sessions were organised in the various regions to train religious in advocacy. This was to help them be more aware of injustice and able to analyse the issues chosen in Cameroon and the impact of policies on the people. It also provided tools for gathering information on the situations that had been observed and for acting on issues of economic justice.

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Faith and Justice Cameroon, an AEFJN Antenna

Our Christian faith gives us certainty that God is at work in the world. It helps us see the signs of the Kingdom that is already here – through the human actions of Justice and Peace.

“Whatever degrades and destroys human beings, whatever is bad and unjust, all this must be denounced and opposed; this is part of the missionary role and the prophetic task of the Church.” 

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Faith and Justice Cameroon works for access to good quality medicines for all in Cameroon.

On this page you can find information, articles and presentations on the Access to Quality Medicines and what actions can be undertaken. 

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Land issues

Land ownership by family farmers is a main problem in many African countries. 

Currently land is being taken by foreign and national companies and individuals, and even by foreign countries to produce agrofuels, or food for export to other countries. This causes a lot of problems for the family farmers. 

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Formation on economic justice

See the formation sessions that have been taken place, the coming sessions, the themes being dealt with...


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