Good News on AFRICA

Africa is a dynamic continent where hope, solidarity and other values produce changes, growth and plenty of surprises.

110308 Women In Liberia mobilise for peace

Few people are aware that a group of women – calling themselves the Peace Women, dressed in colourful lappas (Liberian cloth), bright white t-shirts and white headscarves, were instrumental in bringing peace to Liberia. Their story, which begins with the simple act of sitting along the streets for months under the hot sun or torrential rains of Liberia, led to the exile of alleged warlord Charles Taylor in 2003, now awaiting his verdict in The Hague.

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110309 Liberia Technology Improves Lives of Women

A research is being done on how Internet can improve the life of women and of the population in general. It can be used to connect with job opportunities, such as projects that large companies can do with employees based in remote locations.

tl_files/aefjn-images/aa/wordIcon.jpg 110309 Liberia Technology Improves Lives of Women

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110228 African countries strengthen research ties

African academics are backing a drive to establish closer research and higher-education ties between countries on the continent to boost its development. The new initiative aims to make Africa's scarce resources go further by encouraging distance learning, agreeing on universal teaching standards, and sharing research equipment between networks of excellence.

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101213 African health research has solutions but no support

tl_files/aefjn-images/1pdficon_sm.jpg 101213 African health research has solutions but no support


Catholic Bishops on the Current Situation in Uganda

The World Cup As A Symbol Of Hope In South Africa

Ghana tops list of less hungry countries

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GUINEA - Election raises hope for change

South Africa 100618 Global award for mother2mother

Justice IN and FOR Africa

100610 A bishop's pursuit of justice for South Africa's shack dwellers

CHAD - Green wall starts to grow

Namibia 100610 - Social justice and solidarity – think 'BIG'

Strategy to end use of child soldiers across Central Africa

Standing up for food sovereignty

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The relevance of Nyerere today

AFRICA 100610 - Go-ahead for IDP convention

South Africa - A bishop pursues justice for shack dwellers

SOUTH AFRICA 100520 - Green bishop wants rich to repay 'ecological debt'

Kenya 100528 - Bishop calls for national unity

Côte d'Ivoire 100604 Football unites a divided country

Nigeria 100601 - An African seat on UN Security Council

SOMALIA - Puntland helps IDPs integrate, learn skills

Uganda - Unveiling new development plan

Archbishop Tutu calls for review of African health

LIBERIA - A village comes back to life

EQUATORIAL GUINEA - Threefold increase in natural gas reserves estimate

World Cup fest not worth the coming hangover

Southern Africa - The Liberation Struggle Continues

2010 is the Year of Peace and Security in Africa

2010: The Year of Peace and Security in Africa was launched this week at the African Union (AU) in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).

The Year of Peace aims at giving new impetus to the efforts for peace and security on the continent.
In 2010, AU member states will seek to accelerate the implementation of commitments and instruments to promote safety. They must also build bridges between official efforts and initiatives of civil society to promote peace and security.

CSO Consultation on the Year of Peace and Security in Africa.

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