Angola: President Implements New Biofuel Law

Angola’s president, José Eduardo dos Santos, has enacted a law on biofuels, which was approved by the National Assembly (Parliament) on March 22. The Republic of Angola has abundant natural resources conducive to rapid agriculture expansion, which can play an important role for the development of the national economy.

The new law provides that the government should set, by decree, the specifications and type of biofuel to be produced within the angolan territory, considering the specifications and types of most used biofuels in the international market. Accordingly, the law will aim to boost cultivation of sugarcane and other common plants used for biofuel production.

The law carves out safeguards to avoid food v. fuel conflicts. For example, land concessions for biofuel projects may not include rich soils with agrifood potential.

According to the law, the government may assign other tax, exchange, and customs incentives whenever necessary to encourage biofuel production.

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