Togo- 1st Forum on land grabbing

Multidisciplinary Togolese actors such as civil society, parliamentarians, researchers, traditional leaders, representatives of the Togolese government, representatives of technical and financial partners and associates Inades Formation-Togo debated for two days on the phenomenon of "land grabbing "in Togo at FOPADESC in Lome.

The appointment of FOPADESC laid the groundwork to the creation of a broad national coalition against land grabbing. A coalition that has launched major challenge to promote family farming to ensure food sovereignty in Togo, to fight against grabbing that threatens 25,000 ha in the Togolese Republic, in 23 cases of lease contracts or large-scale land acquisitions.

(Source: Afriscoop)

Read the final declaration of the first Forum on the land grab in Togo (French):

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