Working Group News on Land Grabbing – April 2016

Mundemba declaration and statement of solidarity: women, communities say NO to oil palm expansion


During a workshop held in Mundemba (Cameroon) participants from around the world gathered to express their solidarity with local communities in South-West Cameroon by way of a statement of solidarity. The statement denounces the distress of the people suffering from the expansion of oil palm plantations by large multinationals. Communities from West Africa, Central Africa, Asia and South America shared their experiences facing large palm oil companies and they have united to combat abuses. More information


MEPs speak out against GMOs in ‘New Alliance’ food strategy for Africa


On April 20 the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling on the EU and its member states "to tackle all the weaknesses of the NASAN (New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition), [ ... ] in order to ensure that[its ] actions are compatible with the development policy objectives." Although this is a step in the right direction civil society is still convinced that the EU (and member states)  should remove any kind of support for the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, as it would be impossible to transform the NASAN into an effective tool to fight hunger. Article Euractiv & Comment ActionAid


All Deceived: Campaign SOS Faim


Together with farmers' organizations SOS Faim conducted field surveys in different African countries to assess the impact of projects financed by the World Bank on the population. Follow the link below to learn more about SOS Faim campaign. Campaign SOS Faim

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