Final Homily of Bishop Portella - SECAM in Kinshasa

17.07.2013 11:23 by Administrator AEFJN (comments: 0)

At the African bishops meeting of SECAM in Kinshasa, the Bishops called upon the political leaders of the continent to work not in their own interests, but for the benefit of the entire African population. They also invited Africans to commit themselves urgently to the struggle for a just social order and to enable the rights proper to human dignity to be enjoyed by all, in all areas of life.


They also called for an end to the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, that has been destroying the country for years and which has caused millions of deaths and serious human rights violations, in addition to the rape of thousands of women and girls. “We cannot remain silent before a drama which appears to have been forgotten”, said the bishops. “We launch an urgent appeal to the United Nations, the European Union, the African Union and the governments of other countries in any way involved to take resolute action to bring an end to this war which has already lasted too long”.


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