Send a message a message to the European Commission to keep their HANDS OFF OUR MEDICINE!

09.12.2010 08:04 by Jose Luis Gutierrez Aranda (comments: 1)

Help us stop EU policies that threaten access to affordable lifesaving medicines

Millions of people in developing countries rely on affordable generic medicines to stay alive. More than 80% of the medicines used by MSF to treat AIDS across the developing world are produced in India. But the European Commission is now shutting off the tap of affordable medicines by attacking the production, registration, transportation and exportation of generic medicines. People who need these will be left without a lifeline.  

 As the EU-India Summit got underway in Brussels on December 10, government delegates met by protesters; including doctors and staff from MSF,  AIDS activists from across Europe and some of the staff of AEFJN; who demand the EU back down from pushing policies that will have a negative impact on access to affordable medicines in developing countries.

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