Echoes from AEFJN No. 1 - February 2013


Towards personal responsibility in a world of injustice


The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a message of freedom and liberation. The liberation is primarily a release from all kinds of personal, economic, political, social or cultural bondage. These forms of slavery are obstacles that prevent men and women from living with dignity and from making decisions as full human beings. When men and women choose freely their own ways, unfortunately their decisions are often influenced by the unfair circumstances and structures that prevail. Read more



Climate Change a Threat to Human Health in Africa

Climate change poses a significant threat to health in Africa and represents a heavy human, social and economic burden for the continent. Many of the major killer-diseases in Africa, such as diarrhoea, malnutrition and malaria, are highly climate-sensitive and expected to worsen as the climate changes. Action is urgent! Our behaviour and choice of lifestyle can be an opportunity to reduce the impact of climate change on health. Read more


Raw Materials and the Global Consumption

Global Consumption

The competition for scarce natural resources and the continued strong growth in global consumption make Africa an attractive continent for the EU and its transnational companies. Raw materials play a key role in industrial competitiveness. The EU is keen to secure access to raw materials such as minerals, fuel and gas. But how is the global consumption growth going to affect Africa? Read more


The EU Biofuels Policy: Fuelling Food Insecurity in Africa

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EU biofuel mandates have stimulated demand for biofuels which is one of the principal factors contributing to the current food price volatility. This is equally a cause of large-scale land acquisitions by EU biofuel companies which divert cropland away from food-producing family farmers. These large scale investments reduce family farmers’ access to land and water. Read more



Instability and Arms Trafficking in West Africa

In the Sahel, which has become one of the most unstable regions of Africa, the link between instability and the illicit trafficking of arms is clear. The Ivory Coast and Mali where armed conflicts have developed recently are the main focus of arms trafficking.  But some of the neighbouring countries that the arms pass through are deeply involved in this illegal trade.  Burkina Faso is a case in point, as is Sierra Leone.  In addition, the conflicts with armed groups in Nigeria, Senegal and the Gambia also encourage the movement of illicit arms. Read more


More Than Ever, Let’s Watch Out for Land-grabbing in Madagascar!

The association Tany, a collective for the Protection of Land in Madagascar is calling for increased vigilance over financial transactions in the lead-up to the country’s elections. Tany denounces activities by the authorities to promote foreign land investment without advance consultation with the citizens affected.  It is calling for a halt to land commitments ahead of the election. Read more


South Africa Interferes in Kenya-EU Trade Relations


The economic partnership negotiations between the European Union (EU) and Kenya are going through a difficult time. It is not just a problem of a bilateral agreement between the EU and Kenya but a problem of unfair competition by South Africa. The EU thinks South Africa wants use the Kenyan market to bypass export restrictions on some products to the EU.  Read more



Echoes From the Madrid Antenna (Spain)

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The cheerful rhythm of the tamtam, the kikeleke and joyful songs announce a great event: the celebration of AEFJN’s 25 years of life shared between Africa and Europe; life generated through relationships, shared work, desires and interests, mutual challenges and hopes... The word of the Gospel "Rejoice!" (Lk 1: 26) resonates in us. It's time to stop, acknowledge the road travelled and give thanks for it … and then seek new ways to further our work and commitment. Read more


Some Activities of the Swiss Antenna

logo Antenne Suisse

Since 1994, AEFJN’s Swiss Antenna has been lobbying Swiss MPs for greater economic, social, environmental, financial and political justice between Switzerland and Africa, especially in bilateral agreements and, more recently, the modification of Swiss law to make Swiss companies active in a country of the South responsible for any damage and social injustice incurred by their local branches.  Read more



Act Now! On the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)

None of us alone can do much about the ATT. Together we can make a positive difference! Your participation is important. Time is short. The Final treaty negotiations start in three weeks. Read more


A Carbon Fast for Lent 


Archbishop Thabo Makgoba has invited Anglicans worldwide to participate in a carbon fast for Lent, he calls for reducing the carbon footprint by, amongst others, consuming less meat (Actions for Lent). Read more



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“Lower Omo: Local Tribes under Threat of Land Grabbing”

Ethiopia has leased out nearly 3.6 million hectares of land for foreign commercial farm ventures from 2008 to 2010.

If we don't use mercury, the buyers won't buy the gold

Small-scale miners in Niger are not informed well as to the noxious effects of the materials used in gold mining.

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