ECHOES FROM AEFJN N. 17 - January 2015


Looking to the Future with AEFJN…

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2014 was a very eventful year for the AEFJN network and most of the events were reviewed at the November 2014 AGM. The year ended with a successful International Conference held at the European Parliament. Holding these two important events in our hands, we are strengthening and modifying our strategies in further realization of the 2014-2018 Action Plan. We underline that what is important is not how bad things are now but our vision of building a more just society and the trust that our activities in Brussels, the national antennae and elsewhere are part of the unfolding of this goal. Read more



Conference Report: “Bridging the gap between policy and practice: international soft law and large scale land acquisitions in Africa”

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Following the conference “Bridging the Gap between Policy and Practice: International Soft Law and Large Scale Land Acquisitions” the secretariat has made available the main points of the speakers on its website. On the site, you can also consult the PowerPoint presentations of several speakers, the audio of the full conference and the preliminary main findings of the case study conducted in Senegal which was presented during the conference. Together with CICODEV Africa from Senegal, we have formulated recommendations for European and Senegalese policymakers. Read more



Nigeria: Long-awaited victory as Shell finally pays out £55 million over Niger Delta oil spills

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Oil company, Royal Dutch Shell, has paid out compensation of £55 million to a community situated in the Niger Delta that had been severely damaged by the company’s oil spills. Human Rights defenders Amnesty International considers this an important victory in the fight against corporate negligence. Many farmers and fishermen in Bodo saw their livelihoods crumble and vanish as a consequence of the pollution caused by Shell. The local population filed a complaint in the company’s home country, the United Kingdom. As a consequence of the legal action UK Shell was forced to disclose information on the amount of oil spilt, which drove the company to agree on an out-of-court settlement with the victims of its pollution. This settlement can be seen as a victory because the affected community can now start rebuilding its livelihoods. This case is also a sign of hope for those still trying to get justice for the suffering caused by economic exploitation.  Read more    



Save the Serengeti! Sign the petition

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The Maasai women have led protests against a corporate land grab that would turn their ancestral lands into a commercial hunting reserve. This petition demands that the Maasai are given guaranteed permanent rights to their lands. International support is crucial in the plight of the Maasai, so do not hesitate to sign the petition. Click here to sign




France Antenna: Forum for congregational representatives

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On 18 November 2014, the Antenna of France organized the Annual Forum for congregational representatives. The day began with a prayer and an introduction by Jean-Louis Marolleau. Then Mr Frédéric Baule, an expert in energy and oil markets, gave a presentation about energy transition. This was very informative and was followed by a lively debate. In the afternoon the Forum participants did an advocacy exercise using the AEFJN Handbook on economic justice. The correspondents were divided into groups to develop an advocacy strategy on issues of hunger and global warming. The participants took the view that it was very rewarding exercise and most of them wanted to do this exercise more frequently. Read more



Palm Oil and the Rainforest (1min)

Video and infographic on the destructive effects of palm oil production.


Téléphones portables : L’envers du décor (4m30)

Report about the minerals used to make mobile phones. (Only in French)


Le Tantale de nos smartphones, tombeau des mineurs congolais (1m30)

Interview with a Congolese miner.  (Only in French)


The Ad Doritos Don’t Want You to See (1 minute)

Video about the excessive use of palm oil in our food system.




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