ECHOES FROM AEFJN No. 3 - May / June 2013


Building Bridges between Africa and the EU

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This year, AEFJN celebrates its 25 years of commitment to greater economic justice for Africa. AEFJN is a bridge linking the two continents and aiming at Economic Justice for all Africans.  Its members live their Faith commitment as followers of Jesus of Nazareth who wants “life in abundance for all.” The Network brings to the European political sphere the concerns of its members in Africa. Read more



Investment Agreements a Hidden Danger for Access to Medicines

Pharmaceuticals companies owning patents have taken countries to international arbitration when they have been refused a patent or when a country has declared a compulsory license on a medicine whose patent the company owns. This has revealed that Investment Agreements represent a big danger to access to medicines and health care since “intellectual property” is considered as “investment” giving the companies the right to bring countries to international arbitration. Read more


The New Initiative on Extractive Sector and Challenges to the African countries

Global Consumption

One of the main concerns about extractive sector governance is the role that transnational enterprises play in sourcing minerals from conflict-affected and high-risk areas. Are they acting responsibly? Armed conflicts are often related to extractions of rare minerals, gas and oil. Furthermore, the benefits linked to the extractive industry along with the revenues that it provides to governments of countries exporting natural resources require better control and transparency. Read more


Africa under threat from corporate-driven G8 policies

The G8 is preparing the launch of the Global Land Transparency Initiative in readiness for the summit in the United Kingdom, June 2013. Both this Initiative and the G8’s New Alliance on Food Security and Nutrition in Africa are corporate-driven initiatives, based on public-private partnerships, which risk surrendering African agriculture to large corporations and increasing land grabs in Africa. Read more



67 Countries sign the Arms Trade Treaty

When the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) adopted on 2 April 2013 opened for signature on 3 June 2013, 60 countries, of which 23 from the EU and 9 from Africa, signed it. Among them there were a few countries greatly affected by unregulated arms transfers and 3 of the biggest exporters: Germany, France and Britain. 50 ratifications are necessary for the ATT to come into effect. Read more


SADC scrambles to meet EU trade deadline


Trade ministers from South African Development Community (SADEC) have met Botswana to establish a common position on the new Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union (EU) ahead of next year’s deadline. The economies of Botswana and Namibia will be the region’s biggest losers when the EU revises the preferential trade scheme as they will lose the duty and quota free access to the EU market. Read more


West African Agriculture and Climate Change

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The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) has released a book on food security and climate change in West Africa. The book analyses the current food security risks in the selected 11 West African countries and also explores what increased efforts are necessary for sustainable food security in the face of climate change. Read more



25th Anniversary of AEFJN – May 28, 2013

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The celebration of the 25th anniversary of AEFJN in Rome started with a festive Eucharist presided by Cardinal Peter Turkson, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, and animated by an African choir. Ties among those present, mainly general councils, were strengthened over cocktails in the garden of the Divine Word Missionaries. Read more



The Celebration of the 25th anniversary of AEFJN in Brussels

tl_files/aefjn-images/im_aefjn_ntw/aefjn celebration/DSC_0211.JPGThe Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network celebrated its 25th anniversary with a Eucharist and a Round Table on the 24th of April in Brussels. Two panels addressed the general theme of “Africa and Europe: Challenges for the Future” The meeting was attended by guests from both Africa and Europe and the debate provided a fruitful exchange of ideas between the panellists and the public. Read more


The History of AEFJN

tl_files/aefjn-images/im_aefjn_ntw/aefjn celebration/DSC_0103.JPGOn the occasion of its 25th anniversary AEFJN published the booklet "The History of AEFJN". The booklet provides the reader with an overview of the work of AEFJN during the last 25 years. You can download the booklet and there is a printable version on our website. Read more



Meeting between AEFJN and the European Commission

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On 26th April AEFJN met Mr Yves Lecomte, the EU coordinator of negotiations for the Economic Partnership Agreements with Central Africa. AEFJN was represented by Sr Annie Girard, executive secretary of the Cameroon Antenna and Jose Luis Gutierrez Aranda, a member of the AEFJN secretariat in Brussels. Read more



Video - How can everyone help preserve antibiotics?Informative video on superbugs and antibiotic resistance. (3min)


Video - Accaparement des terres au Sénégal (French only; about the effects of GMOs and landgrabbing on  food security). Video made by CCPA Kaolack (15min).


Video on the commons - Common goods  by defending resources fundamental to human life could be an alternative to the current neoliberal system. (Cartoon 3min.)

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