ECHOES FROM AEFJN N. 31 - September 2016


Watch Live: Protecting our Common Home   

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Watch Live Thursday 2pm (Schedule of speakers): The Duquesne University, Spiritan University in Pittsburgh, USA, has endowed an annual scholarly conference on the Integrity of Creation. The conference celebrates the Spiritan Mission of the University. The second annual conference is on Sep. 28-29, 2016. The event focuses on Protecting our Common Home, reflecting Pope Francis' appeal to all people to meet "the urgent challenge to protect our common home" (Laudato Si', 13). The presentations will be streamed live. Chika Onyejiuwa (Executive Secretary) and Jude Nnorum (a member of the Executive in Rome) will participate in one of the panels to highlight the activities of AEFJN. For information visit the website, or contact the Conference Coordinator, Glory Smith ( 

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tl_files/aefjn-images/im_aefjn_ntw/Visits of the Secretariat/2014 Senegal/IMGP0501.JPGThe new generation fishing deals that the EU is concluding with African countries are termed Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreements. However, especially in West-Africa, overfishing together with illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing are causing environmental damage as well as squeezing the local fisheries sector, so it is hard to see how increasing fishing activity by foreign fleets in this context will be sustainable. Even if these new deals are termed sustainable, the economic logic prevails. Most of the funds are dedicated to gaining access to fish in African waters in order to supply the European market. Rather than acquiring extensive fishing quotas in overfished waters, higher priority should be given to fighting IUU-fishing. Read more   



Why the EU’s new deal on Responsible Mineral Sourcing is a missed Opportunity

The EU has reached a “political understanding” on a new law intended to clean up the European minerals trade. The law aims to make sure European companies behave more responsibly when sourcing minerals that may be linked to conflict and human rights abuses. It will put some EU companies on the road to becoming more transparent when sourcing some key minerals. Companies that import tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold ores into the EU will be required to check their supply chains for risks, and to publicly report on what they have done about them. The agreement also pledges to respect the leading international standard for responsible business in mineral supply chains. However, the agreement still represents a missed opportunity.  Read more


The Global Farmland Grab in 2016: how big, how bad?

Eight years ago, the company GRAIN researched land grabbing in Africa. This year they have been looking again at the data, comparing resources then and now and discovering that land grabbing is still very common on the African continent. This research also reveals that food prices have increased steeply since 2008 because of land grabbing. This report focusses on deals relating to large areas of land that were agreed after 2006 and that are led by foreign corporations.  Read more



A network of NGOs has launched a campaign called “Stop Corporate Abuse” addressed to the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. By supporting this campaign, AEFJN wants to advocate for new EU rules that force EU corporations to respect guidelines and policies that uphold the rights of ordinary people.  Petition   

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Forever Green in Our Hearts 

AEFJN painfully and mournfully announces the passing on of Fr. Kennedy KATONGO, OMI. He was a member of the AEFJN executive team in Rome and served the network wholeheartedly. Fr. Kennedy died of a massive heart attack in the early hours of September 14, 2016 at the General House of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate in Rome. He was only 36 years of age.


Fr Kennedy was born in Lusaka, Zambia on May 3, 1980, and joined the Oblates in 2002. After his novitiate, he made the first vows in Johannesburg, South Africa on February 1, 2003. He later made his final profession in Lusaka on December 28, 2008 and was ordained a priest on October 9, 2010. He served in parish ministry in the Zambian OMI Kalabo Mission and at St. Mary´s Parish Lukulu. In 2014, he was named Director of the Oblate Justice and Peace Service in Rome.

Requiescat in Pace
AEFJN Secretariat team, Brussels

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Visit of the Executive

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The Secretariat welcomed members of the Executive to Brussels 8-9 September 2016.  On this occasion, the President of AEFJN Fr. François de Paul HOUNGUE and Sr. Rebeca Sepepka met the members of the Secretariat and shared the vision of the Executive about the advocacy work of AEFJN.  During their stay in Brussels they visited the European Parliament and were introduced to the work realized by European Institutions.  Read more

Belgian Antenna

Two new members have joined the executive committee of the Belgian Antenna, bringing the total number to six. They meet every other month and there will soon be a formation day for the new members and longer standing ones who have never received training. This will cover issues such as information coming from their communities, advocacy, working as a network. Inspiration will be drawn from the first volume of the AEFJN Manual on Economic Justice. The session will take place at the Chapel of the Resurrection, the discreet, ecumenical Christian presence at the heart of the European Institutions.   Read more




Stand Up for Women's Land Rights   See more


Development opportunities or Neocolonialism?  See more


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