2014 is the International Year of Family Farming

More than 350 organizations from 60 countries that have been supporting the IYFF Campaign. The Permanent Mission of the Philippines was leader at UN  level. For the first time in history, an International Year has been promoted by Civil Society.

"From now onwards, FAO will take care -at the request of the UN General Assembly-, of the IYFF 2014 official programme, in cooperation with IFAD, etc.

As Civil Society, the main dimension of the IYFF preparation work, under the leadership of the farmers organizations, pastoralists, traditional fishers, etc., will be focussed on identifying and promoting in each country the main demands and aspirations of rural women and men, to be addressed to each government, requesting the approval of agricultural policies in favour of a sustainable and prosperous Family Farming." (source: www.familyfarmingcampaign.net)

Resolution by consensus

November 23, 2011 - the second UN Committee adopted the International Year of Family Farming resolution by consensus. This is due to the hard work of the wolrd partners of the campaign to promote the International Year of Family Farming, leaded by the World Rural Forum: for 2014.


The battle was fierce. The EU wanted the delay to 2016, which would have delayed all the initatives taken in favor of family farming in the International Year. Finally, 36 countries voted in favor of the AIAF in 2014. Among the EU, only Spain has given its support and only six African countries: Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Niger, Sierra Leone, Togo, Tanzania + Seychelles.



To know more about the IYFF:

Declaration of Family Farming World Conference

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Campaign for International Year of Family Farming

At the end of 2009, 45 peasant and rural organisations have joined the Campaign for the IYFF in countries of the West, East, Centre and South of Africa. Some meetings have been held in other continents.

Campaign in Africa:

As part of the objectives of the Campaign, various initiatives have been taken aimed at obtaining the official support of various governments and institutions in Africa to the IYFF. It was necessary to take a more in-depth look at the reality of Family Farming in the various regions of the continent, in order to correctly focus the Campaign’s objectives.


In the month of January 2010, in Dakar, the Committee for the preparation of the Encounter met in order to get various regional studies underway which would enable them to reach the continental Encounter with a high degree of understanding of the Agricultural situation. In order to strengthen the adhesion process even more, some continental encounters on the IYFF have been held in 2010 in Malawi.


Africa is the continent worst affected by the current global economic system, which extracts its raw materials without allowing it to carry out its own development processes. The IYFF is undoubtedly a great opportunity to demand substantial changes in this situation of marginalisation. To ensure that Africa lives with all of its assets and wealth.


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