Final Homily of Bishop Portella - SECAM in Kinshasa

Kinshasa, 14 July 2013 ( "Africa needs today Good Samaritans in the policy, ie, politicians can think about the organization of the Company, so that the common good be promoted, and that thereby they are close to all citizens without exception. Africa needs Good Samaritans in the economic order, enterprising individuals, capable of managing wealth, not for themselves, but for their brothers and sisters .


This exhortation is that of Bishop Louis Portella Mbuyu, Bishop of Kinkala (Republic of Congo), President of the Episcopal Conference of Congo and Vice-President of SECAM, during his homily Sunday Martyrs Stadium in Kinshasa, in the Eucharist closing of the 16th plenary Assembly of SECAM.


The priest began his sermon by emphasizing that everyone is working internally with the question asked by a teacher of the Law to Jesus, "Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life? »(Luke 10, 25). Questioning the assembly gathered at Martyrs Stadium, the Preacher paraphrased: "What to do to succeed my life? "With three objectives in order to achieve at any price: having the power and the glory, as Satan tempted Jesus Christ. Bishop noted aptly that many proposals and solutions are available to man for it.


Station in the rat race of having the power and the glory


Some give as a goal the accumulation of wealth (have) as to ignore the misery of their brethren. In addition, the rat race of political power, not for the service of his brothers, but for his own satisfaction and personal interests, joins the pursuit of possessions for the glory (the claims).


It is against these temptations Bishop warned the faithful present, and by extension, all Africans. Based on moments of lucidity through each of us, he said that it is useless for a man to gain the whole world if he happens to lose his soul. So it all to go deep in his heart to rediscover the presence of Him whom he derives existence, God invited Bishop Portella was then lying on the word of the Good Samaritan to establish his exhortation in this Africa traversed by so much suffering, misery, injustice, such as the testimony heard during the 16th Plenary Assembly of the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences Africa and Madagascar have shown.


The preacher also recalled the great commandment of love for God and neighbor. He paraphrased Pope Benedict XVI establishes the link between the recipients of that love. The affirmation of the love of God becomes a lie if a man hates his neighbor because love of neighbor is also a way to meet God. Jesus identified the smallest, the poorest, etc.. He invites us get close to those who are in need. "Unfortunately, we end up so often develop blindness, deafness us away more of our brothers and sisters in distress. And we lose some of our humanity. For human, we all are. However, we will be judged on our strong commitment to our brothers and sisters, especially those who are in distress," said Bishop Portella.


Fight for a just world


That is why the preacher recommended commitment to fight for a just world. And hammering: "Africa needs today Good Samaritans in politics, ie, politicians are able to think the organization of the Company, so that the common good is promoted, and that thereby they are close to all citizens without exception. Africa needs Good Samaritans in the economic order, enterprising individuals, capable of managing wealth, not for themselves, but for their brothers and sisters. With pride to bring happiness to everyone without exception. Yes, Africa needs and expects Good Samaritans. "


Bishop Luis Portella finished his sermon by asking God's blessing and recommending everyone to live in communion with Christ to come before God with the disposition to be a Good Samaritan in the industry.


This Mass was attended by tens of thousands of the faithful, including representatives of other faiths. The Head of State of the Congo was represented by the Minister of Interior.


Several messages have ended this Eucharistic celebration, plus the presentation by Father Leonard Santedi (General Secretary CENCO) of the new Committee of SECAM, elected for a term of three years and chaired by Archbishop Gabriel Mbilingi (of Angola ). He presented all the Cardinals and Bishops of various delegations from Africa, the Cardinal Sarah (President of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum), respectively, and two bishops came from France and the United States.


Message SECAM


"The Church Family of God in Africa, the Service of Reconciliation, Justice and Peace" was the theme of the 16th Plenary Assembly of SECAM, held from 8 to 14 July 2013, said Bishop Luis Portella . Reading the message of SECAM, before the end of the Mass, he returned to the virtues of reconciliation, justice and peace, and dialogue, noting that the destiny of Africa is still in the hands of his son and daughters ... (soon to read in full on our website). He read the resolutions and recommendations of this meeting. Bishop Portella thanked the Church of God in DR Congo, the archbishop of Kinshasa and the Congolese government, as well as all the organizations that supported one way and another holding these meetings for the hospitality and support received.


In addition, Mr Abbot Santedi read the message of solidarity SECAM, denouncing the drama that seems to be forgotten in the DRC, with the key to nearly 6 million people. SECAM strongly condemns the crimes committed in the DRC, calling for respect and protection of the territorial integrity of the DRC.


Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo for his part, thanked all the participants in this great event of the Church in Africa to have made the trip to Kinshasa, supporting the suffering people of Congo. He launched an appeal to all belligerents to stop that war and the arms trade. He congratulated the new team of SECAM, while expressing his gratitude to the outgoing committee. "We thank wholeheartedly RDcongolais State, the Head of the State Government, which has not LESIGNE on ways to make our guests are greeted digniment and the warm hospitality of our country. Our prayer daily accompanies the delicate care of their responsibilities. May God give them joy to see our reconciled and united in happiness people, "said the Cardinal, extending his prayer for all of Africa.



Guy-Marin Kamandji

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