1309 Compensating for the carbon emissions of the rich can seriously damage the health of the poor

The project to fight deforestation in Madagascar managed by WWF and GoodPlanet and co-financed by Air France is a threat to communities in forest areas.  Air France is hoping this project will improve its public image as the company would make an effort to make up for its emissions. The consequences for the local communities are dramatic as they would lose their good farm land. 



With this project, the airline intends to reduce the rate of deforestation to offset its own greenhouse gas emissions. Despite the inclusion of a component of socio-economic development for local people, this project has led to a restriction of access to natural resources and increased poverty among forest communities.



Indeed, the project has severely limited the usage rights of the local community who depend on the forest for their survival. While the project is a laudable goal, including reducing deforestation, local communities are not being taken into account. Compensation for the villagers is generally inadequate and the project does not provide enough support for local farmers.



The project has failed to address sufficiently the life of the local community which has increased food insecurity where the project is being carried out. Many family farmers have great difficulty feeding their families because of the reduced access to natural resources caused by Air France’s venture.


Source: Basta

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