1605 Antennae Meeting 2016 in Namur


From May 6 to 8, AEFJN held its yearly Antennae meeting in Namur at the house of Notre Dame de Namur. During the meeting, the 19 participants, representatives of six European Antennas and members, the Secretariat in Brussels and a representation of the Executive in Rome shared their work and hopes for the future. The discussions were focused on two presentations about the SDGs and conclusions on climate change (COP 21), enlightened by the encyclical Laudato Si. The Antennas, the Secretariat and the Executive spoke about their activities and priorities for 2016-17. The meeting was held in an atmosphere of cordiality and the issues related to the day to day life of the antennas as well as the plan of action of the network which was discussed in depth. The next Antennae meeting will be between 12-14 May 2017 and the venue will be confirmed soon.


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