1402 Visit to Zambia

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José Luis Gutierrez, AEFJN’s policy officer visited Zambia at the end of November 2013. He met some civil society organizations working on issues relevant to AEFJN, such as the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR), Caritas, Action Aid and the Centre for Trade Policy and Development. He gave a presentation of AEFJN’s work in Brussels and was keen to learn about the work and activities of these organizations and how they deal with issues that are relevant to AEFJN’s work. It was a learning experience on how to lobby on these matters at National and International level.


José Luis attended the Annual General Meeting of both men and women Major Superiors as well as the Formation Day on Religious life. In the three meetings he presented the work done by AEFJN and its Plan of Action. Interesting debates followed. He met the Apostolic Nuncio Julio Murat who was clearly interested in AEFJN. For four days he visited the Copperbelt Province, the site of most of Zambian mines, visiting open pit mines, talking with local communities and seeing the side effects caused by the pollution generated by the extractive companies.

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