1405 Visit to Senegal: Meeting with Farmers and Civil Society

tl_files/aefjn-images/im_aefjn_ntw/Visits of the Secretariat/Senegal Baobab.JPGIn May, Gino Brunswijck of AEFJN’s International Secretariat visited Senegal to meet civil society associations. Once there, he spoke about AEFJN’s work and publicised the campaign for a moratorium that AEFJN is launching about large-scale land acquisition. The Senegalese organisations shared with him their experiences of this problem. Gino also went to rural zones affected by either agricultural investments or the leasing/sale of land. He was able to hear from small farmers who have lost their land and discussed with local people the consequences of this land loss for their food security. He also went to a village where the farmers had lost their land to mining companies. You will be able to read more about it In June’s ‘Echoes’. 


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