1508 - 1507 UK Antenna: Lobby on Climate Change and Poverty - London

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On 17th June AEFJN-UK members joined about 10,000 others who had travelled to London from all corners of the UK to lobby their MPs on Climate Change and Poverty.  11.00 a.m. saw crowds streaming to St. Margaret's Church, Westminster and the Emmanuel Church nearby for the two ecumenical/interfaith services that started the day. Not even standing room!


Lobbies usually take place in the Houses of Parliament, but the numbers meant that MPs (most came) met their constituents in the open air at agreed points strung out along the Thames embankment. Fortunately the weather was sunny and warm! Louisa Poole SSL, who is also a member of the National JP Environment Committee and Operation Noah, reports: “We stood around in groups, had the opportunity to bring up all possible questions and hear what our MPs thought about a wide range of issues connected with climate justice. It was mainly us speaking and them listening! We had sent them papers on various topics, and our man was really clewed up.” Louisa commented that the day had been well planned, participants were well briefed by the larger NGOs and the lobby showed MPs the enormous interest in environmental issues and justice. “The cause of the Planet in Peril really does bring us together”.

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