1511 Benin: Meeting of Major Superiors in Benin (18 - 19 November)

tl_files/aefjn-images/im_aefjn_ntw/Visits of the Secretariat/Benin 2015/EchoesBenin1 (1).JPGFrom 18th to 19th November, the secretariat was invited to talk about the Africa Europe Faith & Justice Network to major superiors meeting at Dassa, Benin, close to the Grotto of Arigbo, a place of pilgrimage. Fruitful discussion followed the presentation of the main themes that AEFJN works on (minerals, land grabbing and trade), the different branches of the Network and the AEFJN Manual. The religious of Benin shared their concerns about education and in particular the brain drain that was imtl_files/aefjn-images/im_aefjn_ntw/Visits of the Secretariat/Benin 2015/EchoesBenin1 (2).JPGpeding the country’s development. Then there were discussions about migration, the use and processing of African natural resources by industry and the minimal benefit this trade was delivering to local Africans. Finally, the meeting wondered what role the Network offered the African diaspora in Europe and what initiatives had been developed with them. The secretariat responded to all these questions, detailing the various initiatives undertaken with the diaspora.



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