1609 Belgian Antenna

Two new members have joined the executive committee of the Belgian Antenna, bringing the total number to six. They meet every other month and there will soon be a formation day for the new members and longer standing ones who have never received training. This will cover issues such as information coming from their communities, advocacy, working as a network. Inspiration will be drawn from the first volume of the AEFJN Manual on Economic Justice. The session will take place at the Chapel of the Resurrection, the discreet, ecumenical Christian presence at the heart of the European Institutions.

The Belgian Antenna is involved in the campaign ‘Tous trompés’ (Everyone’s been deceived) run by SOS Hunger. This campaign aims to question the public authorities about ‘cooperation’ funding allocated to the World Bank to support its agricultural programmes. Now, the WB’s policies distinctly favour agri-business, a far cry from the Belgian cooperation strategy that supposedly supports family farming. The campaign is bearing fruit: 2.5 million signatures for the petition, a constructive meeting with the Belgian representative at the World Bank and a legislative proposal from 3 Socialist MPs aiming to review the criteria for allocating Belgian public funds to WB farming programmes.


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