1611 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Rome November 2016

The Annual General Meeting of AEFJN was held on the 11th November 2016 at the Generalate of the White Fathers in Rome. A large group of AEFJN contact persons gathered for presentations of the Annual Reports and issues regarding the life of the network.


The event started with the welcome to those attending and an opening prayer led by Fr. Arlindo Pinto. Fr. Jose Ignacio Garcia, Social Apostolate Coordinator of the Jesuits in Europe, spoke about “Turning to the South: our way of procedure”. He presented our advocacy work and how we have to understand it at different levels: research and understanding of the reality in Africa, the importance of communication, how to facilitate the mobilization of people interested in our work, the specific task of advocacy work and how to strengthen our network through the networking.


The second part of the meeting was introduced by Fr. François de Paul HOUNGUE president of AEFJN. He presented the Annual Report of the Executive in Rome and how they have changed the strategy for having a member of the Secretariat in Africa. They are putting all their efforts to create National groups in Africa.


The members of the Secretariat in Brussels presented their Annual report with the most significant actions of past year and the challenge in the coming year to fulfill the plan of action. Afterwards, Christian Roberti (Belgium Antenna Coordinator) and Francesca Sekli (Italian Antenna Coordinator), presented the work of their Antennae during 2016, sharing his concerns and hopes for the future of the Belgium Antenna.


Finally, the Budget and finances matters were presented and approved by the participants. The meeting ended with a prayer in which we remembered that “AEFJN listens to the voice of Africa... brings this voice to the EU, and insists on the right and the responsibility of Africans to make their own policy for development”. 


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