water - Special Rapporteur

March 2011 - Catarina Albuquerque, independent expert who provided the report to the UN on the Current Status on access to safe water and sanitation, was appointed Special Rapporteur at the UN. Now, communities whose right to water is violated or interfered with may complain to her. In this position, she will be allowed to assist governments to define the scope and content of the rights.

Note that she didn’t take position against the privatization of water. But some activists believe that it was a strategy and she could now make statements opposing the privatization.


Furthermore, the resolution explicitly states the full list of criteria for the human rights to water and sanitation. Among these, the Human Rights Council encourages the Special Rapporteur, in fulfilling his or her mandate :

- by giving particular emphasis to practical solutions with regard to the  implementation and full realization of the human right to safe drinking water and sanitation

- by continuing to report, on an annual basis, to the Council and to the General Assembly.

It also encourages all Governments to respond favourably to requests by the Special Rapporteur for visits and information and to follow up effectively on recommendations of the mandate holder and to make available information on measures taken in this regard.

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