... an essential human right recognized by the United Nations July 26, 2010
One more tool in our struggle for justice for water: The UN declares that the right to safe drinking water and clean is a ...

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22 March - World Water Day

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The human right to safe drinking water and sanitation recognised in 2010 should be dismantled before being effective!

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Water & Land grabbing are linked

Foreign investors aren't just after land in Africa. Access to water is essential – which can bring them into direct competition with the needs of local communities. An alarming number of African governments seem to be signing away water rights for decades, with major implications for local communities.

The role water plays in fuelling the global rush for land is very important, often missed.

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WATER - Family Farming and the Right to Water

Access to water for farming, raising animals and fishing is just as essential as access to drinking water. Although three out of four Africans live off agriculture, such access is becoming more and more limited.  It is urgent that the right to water for family farming is recognised and promoted.

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WATER – Alternative World Water Forum (AWWF)

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March 2012 - The AWWF (also known by its French acronym FAME)

has been set up by solidarity movements that are combating the grabbing of common goods.


Its theme was ‘Water for Life, not for Profit’.


AWWF intends to be a concrete alternative to the World Water Forum which is organised by the World Water Council whose guiding lights are transnational companies and the World Bank.

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The war over the waters of the Nile

Does the UN’s recognition of the right to water change anything ?

WATER - Statement on the Right to Sanitation by UN CESCR

Nov 2010 - The Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (UN) made a Statement on the Right to Sanitation at the Forty-fifth session in  Geneva. E/C.12/45/CRP.1

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Water legally in international conventions on human rights

September 24, 2010  The right to water and sanitation is legally recognized in international conventions on human rights.

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